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geek_caps's Journal

Space_Geek's Screen Caps
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Important Crap:
+Don’t ask me what the password to the gallery is because it says in the info where to find the password. I'll ignore you if you ask me so don't bother.
+Link back to me if you use the caps (for icons or graphics)... other people might want to use the caps too



Here is the Password post and all the passwords will be located there. The passwords are subject to change and I will not go back an edit every post so you can look at the password post for that information. Plus I want you to read the info before you join the community.

DVD Capping Program: Power DVD 5
AVI Capping Program: BS Player
(google them if you want to find them)

If you want to make a request, you can leave it either in the friends only post or in the pending caps post. I may make a request post in the future but not now.

Link Me Buttons:

old buttons here

Please link back if you use my caps

Layout codes from layout_lounge